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Mr. Gumede holds Law Diploma, Small Business Diploma, Basic Project Management Certificates, Entrepreneurial Skills Certificates, and Facilitation Training Certificates and is currently in the Process of completing his LLB Degree. Upon completing his LLB Degree he will do his pupilage to be admitted as an Advocate. He has acquired his experience, in a number of fields that he has worked. Mr. Gumede, Started by working with Cool Ideas PTY (LTD) as a Social Mobiliser marketing and organizing HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs hosted in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, he was further employed and trained by the Nelson Mandela Foundation as an Facilitator and later was made Team leader for the Mthatha Region in the Community Capacity Enhancement Programs in Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, compiling monthly reports, oversee the projects progress and community’s adaptation to the project and rules, facilitate events managing the team, inform people, market the project, enforce ground rules. Mr. Gumede was also selected to be the Deputy Secretary of MIPAA abbreviated for Men Partnership against Aids.



Mrs. Ncedile Gumede holds a Primary Teachers Certificate, Senior Education Certificate, Senior Education Diploma and a Higher Education Diploma. In her years she has worked at Mbango Primary as an educator and Mhlwaneni High School, Ntonjeni high School and Mlondolozi Primary. She started as an ordinary educator and grew in the Basic Education Field to Head of Department; she has an extensive experience in the Education Field of 34 years. She is in the process of obtaining a legal certificate in a specialized field. She has also been a problem solver as she was the main educator in the management whom dealt with issues affecting learners in the entire school. She was also the Chairperson of the Reading and writing Competitions and is also currently the Chairperson of a Local Women’s` Neighborhood Organization.


The firm is wholly owned by historically disadvantaged individuals. It is our intention to strategically advance the interest of our clients. We are open to strategic alliances with other firms which share the same vision and with the established firms to supplement the skills base and facilitate skills transfer.



Mr. Zithulele Stuart Gumede has studied business management and labour relations Management. In his years has worked for TexCraft, Iscor and has worked for the PISA later changed to Zodiac Aerospace. He was a personnel and labour relations officer at TexCraft, PISA he was a marketing manager and later the health and safety officer at ISCOR was initially a quality controller and later the Control Officer dealing with company accounts. He has an extensive experience in the industrial field of 28 years.